Mini Golf 2 Go

Portable Miniature Golf Systems




Business Opportunity

Starting your own miniature golf business is easy and profitable. Mini Golf 2 Go offers you the opportunity to start up your own business, add inventory to an existing business or add fun items to a school, company, church, parks department or rental company! These golf items are great for any age.

 The ideal business opportunity awaits you, WHY?

           Low start up-cost.

           Very profitable with fast cash return on your investment.

           Ideal home based business.

           Full time income for part time work.

           Work weekends only. Lots of free time.

           An easy fit with any lifestyle.

           No special skills required.

           Simple to run.

           Easy maintenance.

           Huge demand that continues to grow with greater popularity.

           Unlimited growth.

           Generates its own business.

           Expand at your own pace.

           It's a happy business; have fun delivering fun.

Easy to transport in a truck or van,

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity, call Mini Golf 2 Go at 502-533-2457!

Our company gives you the tools to proceed smoothly with this new venture.  Call customer service,  we can answer any questions you might have regarding you mini  golf 2 go items.

We are fully stocked with any item(s) you may need: obstacles, putters, balls, flags and more. Our items are low-maintenance making your MINI GOLF 2 GO items easy for you to incorporate in you business or event.

Add ons:

Our company will be able to offer you more items to add more versatility and customizing your golf system. We can customize any obstacle, example:  school mascot,  company logo, school colors, company event themes and more. We can customize golf score cards and golf sales forms.


Use a truck or SUV for transport

Secure your obstacles in a carry case

Use 18 putters and 18 balls

Add scorecards and pencils (normal rental is for 50 or less participants)

Obstacles should be placed strategically on the greens

Rent items for day renal rate, we rent ours for $500.00 plus a delivery fee.

Ten rentals and your golf set has paid for itself!